Pro Cure Therapeutics - Changing the future of cancer management
UK Biotech companies join forces to develop novel prostate cancer vaccine. (Press Release 14 May 2009)

York and Sheffield, United Kingdom. 14 May 2009.

Pro-Cure Therapeutics Limited ('Pro-Cure') and Adjuvantix Limited announced today that they have entered into a research and development collaboration targeted at the development of a stem cell vaccine for the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer.

There is strong evidence that cancer stem cells (CSCs) initiate cancers as well as leading to cancer spread and to recurrence after treatments. Pro-Cure, a cancer stem cell specialist, has successfully identified important new CSC derived targets that it believes will provide the foundation for the development of more effective cancer treatments.

The collaboration will bring together Pro-Cure's proprietary CSC targets and expertise in prostate cancer with Adjuvantix's expertise in vaccine discovery and development. Adjuvantix's potent new vaccine adjuvant technology, ADX40, which will be used in this vaccine can also be used to elicit immune responses in many different disease areas, as well as oncology.

Dr Mick McLean, CEO for Pro-Cure, said 'We believe this is the first program aimed at developing a vaccine against cancer stem cells, and we're delighted to enter this early stage collaboration with Adjuvantix. Whilst we're still some way from having a product that can be tested in man, we believe that the combination of the expertise of the two companies creates the best possible opportunity for realizing Pro-Cure's goal of improved prostate cancer therapeutics.'

Dr Paul Jenkins, CEO for Adjuvantix, commented 'Our alliance brings together two companies with complementary world- class research expertise. Recent positive Phase 3 results with an autologous cell-based vaccine in prostate cancer validates vaccination
as a viable treatment approach and makes the development of an off-the-shelf vaccine a highly attractive proposition. Adjuvantix is committed to using its ADX40 to develop vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases and the collaboration with Pro-Cure is one of the first of a series of such alliances.'

Dr David Milroy of the White Rose Technology Seedcorn Fund which supports both Pro-Cure and Adjuvantix said: 'Our role is to invest in and support exciting new technology emerging from the Universities of York, Leeds and Sheffield to enable the transition from promising research work to commercial reality. Adjuvantix and Pro-Cure have complementary technology and know-how and we are delighted that they are collaborating to pave the way for a prostate cancer vaccine.'